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This world needs positive messages and visions.

Regarding the war rhetoric of the mass media and the proclamation of old and new concepts of the enemy I felt the strong wish to send more stimuli of of peace and peaceful visions into world, thoughts about charity and words of peace.
It was Nelson Mandela who indicated, that hate has to be learnt. Thus everybody knows somewhere inside the desire for for peace and the feeling of disgust about war and hate. The mass media and politicians train the people to ignore these feelings and teach strong feelings of hate and violence. The desire and feeling for peace and unity becomes buried under self-doubt, fear and manipulation.
By the means of power games and an economy which is based on exploitation and war, the people are trained with new concepts of enemy and are baited against each other. the willingness of politics to accept war as real means and instrument is alarming.
But for their dirty business, the exports of weapons and the war, often covered as humanitarian aid or „democratisation“ they need the distraction of the masses and the cooperation of parts of the population.

But do educated and free people really want to produce weapons, which are sent in poor and exploited countries, where they kill many innocent people, traumatise, humiliate or murder children or their parents? Does a soldier, who is educated, liberated and freed from the brain-wash of the military go to war to fight against people he does not really know? Does he really for little money and questionable trainings fight, once he sees through the manipulation and realises that he is only used for the benefit of a few?
Prominent and popular people of the past and present knew that peace can never be achieved by violence. In simple and clear words they expressed that peace is a possible reality, that it can be lived, and that only love and non-violence can do something against the hate, violence and war.
Gandhi, Jesus, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King etc. Were these brave men and women only insane dreamers? Or did they change the world and inspire us?
Should we continue to listen to the warmongers in politics, economy and mass media, or should we rather listen to the charismatic and wise men, whom we admire?

Beginning with the distribution of wisdom about peace, let us send out  positive, loving and peaceful thoughts and messages to touch the hearts of the people.

Peace 2015 gold 600 Postcard

Only if people loose their fear, but discover their compassion, starting again to believe in peace, they will refuse to follow the spiral of violence.
When first a few and the more and more refuse to accept the manipulative concepts of enemy, refuse to finance war, refuse to demonstrate against each other, refuse to hate, refuse to become soldiers … then peace is possible.
Let us prove that the human race has overcome the middle ages also in its mind and action.

We can develop actions as signs of peace.
We can demonstrate for peace and demand peace.
We can live peace and get in touch with those people we are told that they are our enemies, that the politics wants us to fear.
We can celebrate concerts and festivals of peace.
We can create place of encounter and exchange
We can eliminate injustice and poverty.
We can show solidarity with the persecuted and the suppressed.
We can visit mosques, synagogues, churches, homes of asylum seekers and we can get to know each other..
We can publish articles, songs and films about our feelings, our wishes, our visions.
We can share words of peace in the internet.
We can network and communicate directly and through the internet.
We can express our wish for peace and demonstrate our willingness to live peace.
We can print posters, batches, flags with messages of peace and advertise peace on billboards.
We can write to our politicians and remind them of their responsibility.
Instead of demonstrating and talking against so much, we can stand up for peace and develop hope and visions.

Let us bring light into darkness, because darkness can only be overcome by light, hate can only be overcome by love, violence only be overcome by non-violence and war only by peace.

P.S.: For a start of the action I published a variety of banners, mini-posters and postcards and I will continue to design more. just choose which one you like and distribute them with all means. Don't forget to send to those who are called your enemy.  If you can afford it, you may sponsor a billboard, e.g. in front of a military base or book advertisements..
Anybody who has his own ideas for the action or wants to contribute words of peace is welcome to share it with us.

What we can do ...

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