Therapy with biological active Ribonucleic Acids *

a very useful  alternative therapy
(* formerly Regeneresen, now Dyckerhoffextrakte)
More than fifty years ago Professor Dyckerhoff in Cologne, Germany, developed a therapy concept for the regenerative treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases. From body cells of cattle he isolated ribonucleic acids and used them to create a sterile medicine for injections. He named his pharmaceutical products “Regeneresen”.

Degeneration and Regeneration *²

Beginning with the age of 40 years or based on disease a biological deficit of ribonucleic acids can occur. But for a good and healthy functioning of body cells ribonucleic acids are indispensable And a healthy functioning of body cells is absolutely necessary for all processes of regeneration. With their help a diseased body organ or tissue can heal and it can be avoided that a disease becomes chronic or degenerative.

Biological active ribonucleic acids work organ specific, they compensate the deficit at the location of a disease, they strengthen the immune system. Thus they enable the naturopathic therapist to initiate processes of regeneration in affected organs or organ systems.

Such a therapy is possible immediately at any time, also as additional means of therapy, especially when other treatments do not succeed in lasting recovery and for patients for whom allopathy does not know any further treatment. For the individual treatment Dyckerhoff extracts, as Regeneresen are called, out of fifty different organs or organ systems are available.*

The Treatment

Biological Active Ribonucleic Acids are not available as ready made medicine, they need a prescription by an experienced therapist.

I would like to work out your individual therapy plan for the treatment with Biological Active Ribonucleic Acids, that can also include other naturopathic recommendations.

The prescription with my signature you can send to one of the specialised international pharmacies that are mentioned in the therapy plan.

The treatment itself consists in most cases of 12 to 24 injections or infusions within 2 or 4 weeks. However, in your individual therapy recommendation may differ from this scheme.

The treatment is safe from the risk of infectious diseases. The origin and selection of the original material from which the medicine is obtained, the exclusion of proteins, and the sterilisation of the ampules are guarantee that no infectious material, not even BSE, is contained. *

When are biological active, regenerative Dyckerhoff Extracts prescribed? *² **

- general disorder of well-being (such as fatigue, burn out syndrome, senile decay)
- endocrine disorder or diseases (such as diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease etc.)
- disorders of the immune system (such as susceptibility to infection, autoimmune diseases).
- back injuries, arthrosis, osteoporosis, invertebral disc degeneration, chronic pain of musculoskeletal system, rheumatic diseases.
- diseases of the nervous system (such as multiple sklerosis, parkinson’s disease), the sensual organs (such as hardness of hearing, tinnitus, acute hearing loss, macula degeneration)
- diseases of blood vessels, such as arteriosclerosis.
- diseases of the inner and outer organs, such as heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, skin etc.
and many more
I will answer your questions concerning your individual treatment options.

Your Treatment

No matter where you live, you can now order your individual therapy recommendation. You will receive a questionnaire or download it below. Fill this questionnaire discretely at your computer or by hand writing. Send it back with other information you regard as useful (scan or copy). Only a few days after I received payment you will receive your individual, holistic, naturopathic therapy recommendation, including a prescription for biological active Ribonucleic Acids.

Regeneresen Therapy Recommendation

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*² cited from information by Dyckerhoff Pharma.
** The mention of medicines or diseases is no advertisement or general recommendation of medicines or the treatment of specific diseases. The information of this page is just general information for patients.
The elaboration of a therapy recommendation is not equal to a diagnosis or treatment, it does not replace a necessary visitation of a health practitioner or doctor, a necessary diagnosis or therapy. For diagnosis and treatment a visitation is recommended. A therapy request can be ordered by clicking the link above. In an online consultation we can clarify, if a therapy with Biological Active Ribonucleic Acids (RNA) seems advisable for you.