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Monday, 01 February 2021 15:22

Who is the Beast?

Owls, like this wonderful eagle owl, were described as "beasts" in many cultures, feared and persecuted as bringers of bad luck or death.
Other animals were also despised as "predators" or were reviled as "beasts", for example the wolf (Bad Wolf), the bear, the shark, the whale (Moby Dick), etc.
But every animal of its kind is simply itself, it lives as intended by the Creator, is authentically itself, thus never a "monster", "pest" or "beast".
It is the same with alleged "pest plants"; herbs are simply herbs, growing, thriving and perishing, where and as nature intended.
Labels like "beast" or "pest" are meant to imply that something natural is "unnatural" or "bad" because we can't come to terms with its nature.
Whether it is arson attacks on refugee homes, robbery, murder, torture, war and persecution, exploitation and slavery, cruelty to animals or environmental destruction: it is always humans who do not behave according to their nature: "un-human". They are people who have forgotten what is human after all: compassion, responsibility, intelligence, love.
Not all people are inhuman, but all the un-being, all the un-humanity exists only through people.
Of course, they are also human; only their behaviour is inhuman because they have lost their original being, their empathy, their heart and their mind through trauma, power education and violence, through mis-education and manipulation.
Therefore, we must spread humanity, compassion, respect, peace and love for all people and all animals and plants faster and more intensively than those spread their weapons, their hatred and their inhumanity. Above all, we should remove these psychopaths from their political and social offices, peacefully and decisively confront their hatred and violence, and dissolve their manipulative and brutal power structures ... We want to awaken the blinded and hateful through education and the ability to reflect, to reconnect them with their hearts and their true nature ... so that all people finally live humanely and the earth with all its creatures blossoms again.
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