If you wish to contact me, you can do so by using the: following methods:


Write an e-mail to dr.berchem@joyful-life.org

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Your direct line to contact me / You may contact* me now, if my status here shows “online”.

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* I do not take any responsibility for the use of this chat. It is hosted on my server and does not exchange data with a third party.

Online Consultation

The first minutes about general issues and personal questions are free of charge. Then the online consultation requires a payment.

For counselling  and coachings you may apply for an online consultation by sending an e-mail first.


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Write an e-mail to dr.berchem@joyful-life.org

Skype, Messenger, Wire & Co

If you wish to chat me or have a video communication, wire is the only messenger system I am using.

For security and data protection reason I do not use skype, messenger, whatsapp, facebook etc.

Please ask via e-Mail for my wire id.


If you want to call me by phone, you may do so. Please keep in mind, that most of the time I cannot answer the phone directly, because I am concentrating on my work. The answering mashine will record your message, and I will call you back.

international: +49 2236 702 848 7


If you want to send me a letter, please use the following postal address:

Dr. Jörg Berchem
P.O. Box 50 17 06
50977 Köln


For a personal communication or consultation you need to make an appoinment first..