Everyone has been provided with a lot of power, energy within. To make use of it, this power need to be freed, concentrated and directed towards an aim.

The collapse of traditional systems, the profound changes in our entire environment and our way of life demand adjustments, conversion and development.

Dissatisfaction is very common: dissatisfaction about a society, that doe not seem to be social enough; dissatisfaction about labour, that does not satisfy us; dissatisfaction about religion, that does not argue in accordance with our needs but against it; dissatisfaction with ourselves, who are never strong enough, beautiful enough, healthy enough ...

Probably never before it was required that much to know oneself and to develop oneself. Personality and environment are no longer defined by fixed views of the world. Free spaces open up for self-discovery and identification processes of the individual; but these free space also involve danger, to loose inner footing, not to know where one belongs, to feel lost in an ever changing environment ...

The fear of loosing ones foundation, of floating in the nothing, it gets tempting to reach for fundamentalistic, ready-made world views, that are offered by political and religious extremists, sects, esoteric teachings and of course controlled media.

The danger to give oneself up is capital, in the face of the possibility to get confused and weakened by outer influences, that last but not least drag at us in the means of the mass media.

Therefore we are requested to unfold, bundle and mobilise all our conscious and unconscious energy, to find a new individual balance and to create a new mental order for ourselves out of the pluralistic chaos.

Train your consciousness: become independent, learn to rest in yourself and to recharge your power form your centre within!

Mental Training will help to find your way of self-fulfilment.

Mental Training helps to promote emphatically oneself and others, enables development, self-discovery and identity, dissolve psycho-mental blockades. It serves healing and self-management.