Bioenergetic Blood Testing / Diagnosis

Who does not know or has not heard about the following situation: Somebody feels sick, a blood sample is taken and examined in the lab. According to the findings, all parameters are normal, the patient would therefore have to be healthy. Thus the boundaries of a conventional blood test become obvious. Of course such a test has its justification, but it also has its limitations. An alternative blood test, which can provide additional information, is the bioenergetic blood testing.


Many people want to do more for their health, but they are confused by very different recommendations given in the media and the internet, which mostly are nothing more but hidden advertisements.
The Bioenergetic Blood Diagnosis supports your individual efforts by given you individual information about your status of health and your needs. This very modern method of diagnosis questions your personal blood sample in a non-chemical way and therefore prvides you with information that come from your own body.

If you have a closer look at it, you will see that usual “preventive diagnosis” is only  “early recognition”, because only damage, disease and deviation from certain standards can be recognised with the conventional methods. So often recognition comes to late, and not seldem the methods of analysis are risky and the results questionable.
The Bioenergetic Blood Diagnosis can see early strains, in many cases before organic changes occur.

Basic information and principles

Decades ago physicians like Aschoff, Voll, Morell and Clark discovered  by the means of biophysical testings on living beings and blood samples a very interesting phenomen: Similar to a fingerprint all beings and substances have typical biophysical fields of radiation the analysis of which leads to diagnostic and therapeutic conclusions..
The main principles of the Bioenergetic Blood Testing have been postulated in modern research of quantum and biophysiks.
Scientific research proves: everything emits energetic radiation, if it is dead or alive. All objects are emitting constantly light rays that are not visible for the human eye. These rays consist of bio-photons. The German biophysicist Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Fritz A. Popp found out, that these photons qualify for the transfer of information. Bio-photons form a field of energy qround the entire organism. They regulate and operate life processes in our body.

Physical instead of chemical analysis

The comprehensive information carrier in the human organism is blood. Intensity and frequency of radiation of the bio-photons indicate the physical condition of a person, the origin of his disease and strains on the organism.
During the analysis bio-photons of testing reagens (nosodes) a taken in resonance with those of the blood. This procedure is known as bio-photon resonance spectroscopy. The interaction of energy photons from the blood with those from the testing reagents gives evidence about the parameters of the test and makes certain conclusions possible. The results of the measured frequency spectrum are important indicators about the health of the patient.