Who we are as human beings goes far beyond the physical body. To truly understand who we are, especially in regards to health and illness, requires that we expand our perspective to include all levels of existence.

We all seek ways to transform the obstacles that occur in our lives. In our time-controlled world, we search for answers that will quickly alleviate our pain, in our spezialized society, trusting in experts to heal us.
While this may be what is needed in some cases, this approach often results only in symptom management because it fails to take into account that who we are includes the body, the mind, the soul, the society, the environment, nature and the universal laws in which we live.
With the knowledge that complex systems lead to multicausal processes and that the root causes of our problems can occur on many different levels, healing becomes a journey the client takes with the practitioner/therapist, one in which the goal becomes the exploration of the self rather than the fixing of the symptom. Already the decision which expert to visit, which therapeutic way to take, is an expression of self-awarenesss. In this process, investigation of each level of being becomes not only theoretial, but practical and personal, and sooner or later inescapable.
Why symptoms are occuring, where symptoms are manifesting, and what symptoms are expressing for each person becomes evident as each level and its relations within the entire holistic system is examined in depth.

As the expression of illness is addressed at the root causes‘ levels aleviation of symptomology often occurs. In this process the practitioner/therapist may guide the way, but it is the client who walks the way, who connects deeply within themselves, finding their own answers and therefore their own individual healing, until all symptoms become obsolete. In fact that is why we can speak of healing and not just of recovery.

Symptoms are not regarded as problems that need to be fixed, but rather as information that is unconscious and therefore currently unavailable to the client. This is not only true for so-called psychological or psychogen illness, but for all body-related illness, even infectious diseases, cancer, degenerative diseases … all illness, addiction, and obstacles that may occur.
Learning to navigate through and respond to all aspects of one‘s individual existence, gives one the opportunity to not only access but also feel, express and process this information, ultimately resulting in a transforming process. In this way illness becomes the doorway through which a journey of self-awareness and healing can occur.
Medical therapy, drug therapy and manual therapy complement, facilitate, enable this process, taking effect on infomative, regulative and regenerative levels, in a naturopathic sense, using the self-healing powers, without fighting against or forcing anything.

In fact healing is remembering the inner harmony, in order to live as we have been designed by the creation.

Biogenic Living

I created this graphic art many years ago and finally used it as a logo for my first medical practise. I was inspired by the philosophy of the International Biogenic Society, of which I am a member.
Instead of explaining the symbolism of the pictures, I rather invite you, to think about it yourself. The following small spiritual meditation may help or inspire you.

Behold, the Tree of Life, which stands in the middle of the Eternal Sea. Look not only with the eyes of the body, but see with the eyes of the spirit the Tree of Life at a source of running streams; at a living spring in a land of drought. See the eternal garden of wonders, and at its center the Tree of Life, mystery of mysteries, growing everlasting branches for eternal planting, to sink their roots into the Stream of Life from an eternal source.
See, oh Sons of Light, the branches of the Tree of Life reaching toward the kingdom of the Heavenly Father. And see the roots of the Tree of Life descending into the bosom of the Earthly Mother. And the Son of Man is raised to an eternal height and walks in the wonders of the plain; for only the Son of Man carries in his body the roots of the Tree of Life; the same roots that suckle from the bosom of the Earthly Mother; and only the Son of Man carries in his spirit the branches of the Tree of Life; the same branches that reach to the sky, even so to the kingdom of the Heavenly Father.


We believe that our most precious possession is Life.
We believe we shall mobilize all the forces of Life against the forces of death.
We believe mutual understanding leads toward mutual cooperation; that mutual cooperation leads toward Peace; and that Peace is the only way of survival for mankind.
We believe that we shall preserve instead of waste our natural resources, which are the heritage of our children.
We believe that we shall avoid the pollution of our air, water and soil, the basic preconditions of life.
We believe that we shall preserve the vegetation of our planet: the humble grass which came 50 million years ago and the majestic trees which came 20 million years ago, to prepare our planet for mankind.
We believe that we shall eat only fresh, natural, pure, whole foods, without chemicals and artificial processing.
We believe that we shall lead a simple, natural, creative life, absorbing all the sources of energy, harmony and knowledge, in and around us.
We believe that the improvement of life and mankind on our planet must start with individual efforts, as the whole depends on the atoms composing it.
We believe in fatherhood of God, the Motherhood of Nature, and the Brotherhood of Man.

(composed ca. 1916 by Romain Rolland and Edmond Bordeaux Székely)

Grey are all theories, but green is the Tree of Life.