Trance Music Temple - Fabian Küpper (30.8.2019)

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Fabian Küpper spielt Handpan, Didgeridoo, Kajon und einige weitere - manchmal auch mehrere davon gleichzeitig. Inspiriert von afrikanischen Rhythmen, Klassik, Jazz, modernen Club-Sounds und freier Improvisation entstehen einzigartige  Kompositionen.

Trance Music Temple is a conscious music event in an environment of awareness and respect.
The music can be anything to help you connect with yourself and the universe, from meditative to  groovy or even ecstatic.
The invitation for this evening is to begin to quiet the mind and enter into your body temple, befriending all that you may find.  Meditate in silence or dynamically, sweat your prayers on the dance floor, connect with others in a fresh new way.
When we ground our attention inwards and listen to the rythms and tunes we are taken to a peaceful place where all is ONE.

Our increase in serotonin (happiness hormone) comes from within, so we obey to certain rules of respect to ourselves and others:
All events are smartphone- and drug-free (also no smoking, no alcohol).
No talking on the dance floor or in the meditation temple, if you need to chitchat, please go outside.
You may bring your own bottle of water (non-glass preferred).
There are no chairs, however everybody is allowed to sit, lie down, stand, swing or dance on the ground.
No shoes are allowed inside. At open-air events shoes are required (before we can afford a safer underground).

Note: There is a limited number of maximum 40 tickets for each TMT, so make sure you don‘t miss it: book early in advance.


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