Freitag, 21 Februar 2020 16:08

Go Your Way (Desiderata)

Let us imagine our path of life as a landscape.
What would the path of your life at certain times look like? Would it be rather straight or with many curves, maybe even intricate: steeply rising or easy to walk on?
Is there a any path at all, or do we have to make a way ourselves?
How is the surface at certain times of our life? Is it soft as a forest ground? Or a dangerous swamp? Is it stony with rocks? Did anybody build a bridge for you?
How is the landscape through which your path is leading? Is it open ground? or a dense forest? Densely overgrown, so you can hardly see it?
Are you sure-footed on your way of life?
Do you already know your goal?

Take ten minutes to imagine the landscape or your personal path of life.

This audiovisual journey  through impressions of different pathways in nature is accompanied with the wellknown poem by Max Ehrmann, wise advises and wishes for us wanderers in life.

Desiderata (lat. "desired things") is a 1927 poem by Max Ehrmann.
text © public domain.
video © 2015 by Dr. Jörg Berchem
music © unknown
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