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Patterns of Nature

This film is a contemplation about patterns we find in nature. It reflects some of the fascination that lead to the photo series "Patterns of Nature" which I started many years ago and still do pursue. In the video I compare artifical and natural patterns and start a mental coaching contemplation about patterns in our life.

Our actions and reactions in life often follow certain patterns of behaviour.
A pattern is defined as a discernible regularity in the world or in a manmade design.
The word itself is derived from the french patron which has its root in the Latin pater for father.
In medieval Latin the meaning of patronus shifted to designate anyone who served like a father as a model or pattern to be emulated.
In art design, mechanical production, handcraft and IT, a pattern is a regualrity of elements copied from a fixed design. As such, the elements of a pattern repeat in a predictable manner.
Not so in nature.
Though nature is designed according to patterns, we find that elements of a natural pattern repeat, but not in a predictable manner, never as exact copy. Not one tree is exactly a copy of another tree.
Not two leaves are exactly the same.
Each moment, each situation in nature shows differences
In nature no situation is exactly the same as another.
So the action, reaction and designs reasemble each other but are never predictable, never the same.
Yet, in their structure and design they certainly do follow a "pattern", a model that is emulated but never copied.
The elements of a pattern in nature repeat in an individual and adapted manner.
At any moment the pattern is redesigned, re-created.
What about you, what patterns do your actions follow?
What or who is the model for your pattern of action  and reaction in certain situations?
Are your actions an exact replication of your past actions or the actions of somebody from the past?
Or do you adapt your patterns, giving each element, each action an individual design? - like nature does?
What about changing the patterns in your life, that no longer correspond to your situation, your values, your individual development?
- exchanging rigid archaic patterns for adaptable, situational, flowing actions and designs?
You are the designer of your behavior patterns, you are the designer of your life.

Dr. Jörg Berchem alias Jay B Joyful
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