Ijumaa, 07 Agosti 2020 17:29

Release of the Joyful-Life Community


Joyful-Life Community is now open for membership

Today is the day, when it finally happend: the release of the Joyful-Life Community.
Join us to build an amazing community, learn about Biogenic Living and the Essene Way, get inspiration to make better, more well-informed decisions in your life.

This community is the successor of the International Biogenic Society founded by Edmond Bordeaux Székely. We are dedicated in preserving his work and his Essene teachings.

In our community you can communicate with others interested in this subject, find books, photos, videos, downloads, online-courses and real meetings. Find a group near to you or advertise your event.

Joyful-Life Community is the place for a more conscious, more natural, more spiritual, more loving, more peaceful, more mindful, more fulfilling lifestyle. Friends of the Essene Teachings and Székely's Books are scattered around the world. This is the place to connect. Connections that become part of a larger, deeper, spiritual purpose that gets you closer to knowing the truth of who you really are and the mystery of your life. It’s a place where you can be you – all the good parts, and all the parts that you might consider works-in-progress. 

This is a community where we see each human, all brothers and sisters, all animals and plants, the entire world with the greatest RESPECT and LOVE.

This is a place where your soul and your body can call home. This is a place where we’re creating a different world that’s aligned with Love and Peace. A world that’s aligned with a humble, natural rich filled life where one is healthy and contented.

You are welcome.

Join with a free test period at: http://community.Joyful-Life.org
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