Dr. phil. Jörg Berchem (M.A.,

    Dr. Berchem is a professional naturopathic holistic health practitioner and scholar of human ecology.
    He studied African and Oriental Studies, Geology, Tropical Agriculture and Development Studies at the Universities of Cologne and Göttingen. Furthermore, he qualified at the Universities of Nairobi, London, Cambridge and the Universidad Para la Paz.
    After several intercontinental researches, mainly on ethnobotany and the relationship between men and his environment, he came back to Europe. Soon he gained additional qualifications and became a holistic health practitioner.
    As a visual and gospel artist, he became internationally known under his nickname and pseudonym, Jay B Joyful.
    For Jay, holistic naturopathy means, to meet all people seeking his advice with caring attention, to accept them in their so-being, to understand them as a totality of body, soul and spirit, and to activate their self-healing power.
    In his therapeutic practice he strives to unfold everybody’s self-healing power, individual potentials by natural means, personal training and individual responsibility.
    Jay’s main concern is to reconnect all people seeking his advice with their inner and outer nature, and to develop a positive emotionality and love.
    Jay is visiting lecturer on international conferences and tutor of personal, vocational and advanced trainings.
    Being an autonomous scientist, he is interested in multidisciplinary topics. His publications focus mainly on ethnological, linguistic and naturopathic themes.
    In 2021, he left Europe and now works internationally, with a base in East Africa. As a consultant, he advises non-governmental organisations and local projects. Being a visiting professor, he also teaches human ecology, intercultural communication and languages.
    Medical and Naturopathic Professional Trainings:
    academic medicine at Thalamus Academy, Rudi Schnürch etc.
    Hypnotherapy by Klaus Mika, Jeffrey Zeig - Milton Erickson Foundation, G. Schmidt etc.
    Craniosacrale Therapy by Peter Ammann, Freie Heilpraktiker e.V.
    Psychotherapy and Mental Training by Spitzer, Dahlke, Drewermann, Schmitz, Decker etc.
    Injection and Infusions at Freie Heilpraktiker e.V. u.a.
    Biophilia / Cosmotherapy by Edmond Székely, IBS u.a.
    Emergency First Aid, Iris Diagnosis, Baunscheidt, Cupping, Regeneresen-Therapy, Manual Therapy und Massages, Isopathy, Homoeopthy, Bioenergetics, Kinesiology, Phytotherapy, Vitamin-C-High-Dose-Therapie, etc.
    Specialist in RNA therapy, holistic naturopathy and cosmotherapy.