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"I don't treat diseases, I treat people."



This alternative medical system uses a wide variety of therapies (such as herbal medicines, homoeopathy, nutrition and acupuncture). All natural therapies aim to activate the body's ability to heal itself. At first glance it may appear some of the methods seem rather modern and technical (magnetic fields, soft laser, RNS, etc.), but as long as they stimulate the bodies self healing power, which is the only natural way of healing, they are naturopathic.
Naturopathy  does not  change the physical or mental processes by force. Thus adverse reactions and side effects are unlikely and if they occur extremely mild but in most cases there are none at all.

Holistic Medicine

The Canadian Holistic Medical Association defines holistic medicine as follows: Holistic medicine is a system of health care which fosters a cooperative relationship among all those involved, leading towards optimal attainment of the physical, mental emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health.
It emphasizes the need to look at the whole person, including analysis of physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social, spiritual and lifestyle values. It encompasses all stated modalities of diagnosis and treatment including drugs and surgery if no safe alternative exists. Holistic medicine focuses on education and responsibility for personal efforts to achieve balance and well being.

Complementary Medicine

"Complementary medicine" means "supplementation" of conventional medicine with other methods; but it also means "expansion" of the conceptual framework of classical medicine.

"Each person is a unique individual, Therapy should be tailored to the uniqueness of the person, not to the procrostian bed of a hyothetical theory of academic medicine or of human behaviour."

(Milton Erickson)

Regeneresen Therapy

with biological active RNA

Over 50 years of experience with this therapy are available for numerous indications. It is a modern naturopathic therapy, which is not available as ready-made medicine and is optimally formulated for the individual needs of a patient.


Vitamin C High-Dose Therapy

Vitamin C high-dose therapy is a treatment with very high levels of vitamin C (often more than 7.5g). Since the intake of such amounts via the gastrointestinal tract is not possible, this therapy is carried out by means of infusions. The application is not a dietary supplement, but a drug-effective dosage.
Vitamin C is involved in a variety of metabolic processes in our body. It is indispensable for immune defense and immune stimulation, the hormonal and nervous systems, the regulation of lipid metabolism, the stimulation of the detoxification system, the formation and functional maintenance of bone and connective tissue as well as the acceleration of wound healing.

Choline Citrate Therapy

(former Neurotropan®)

The treatment is carried out by injections or infusions. In the body, the conversion into acetylcholine takes place. The substance can thereby act quickly and intensively in the body.


Bioenergetic Blood Testing

Unlike the usual chemical and microscopic examination of the blood, physical information is physically examined during the bioenergetic blood test.
While a conventional chemical examination of the blood can only find what one is looking for, and often shows abnormalities only when organic damage already exists, the bioenergetic blood diagnosis, which is a physical examination of only one drop of blood, can examine the whole human being and recognizes many disorders at a very early stage.

Detox / Stimulation Therapy

These applications and therapies are among the oldest treatment procedures. In all folk remedies one or other form is known. Paracelsus summed up these millennia-old refusals in his most important theorem: "Where nature creates pain, she wants to empty harmful substances there, and where she can not do it herself, make a hole in the skin and release the harmful substances."
The term "draining" and "detoxification" is based on a specific picture of illness that today's academic medicine no longer knows. Therefore, it is also possible to speak of stimulating therapies that activate self-healing powers.
These methods include such as cupping and Baunscheidt, but also Kneipp's applications and packings (e.g., Fango) and wrappings (e.g., Retterspitz).

Trance Therapy / Hypnotherapy

The trance opens a quick access to the unconscious, where much of our behavior is controlled and beliefs are stored. Hypnosis is a possible way to a trance.
Modern medical trance therapy should is free of suggestions and very different from traditional psychoanalytic hypnosis or show hypnosis in the media.

Under a variety of physical and mental conditions hypnotherapy can be very helpful.


Manual Therapy

Touching and treating with the hands are probably the oldest therapeutic interventions in many life situations.

The manual therapies of my practice include craniosacral therapy and special massages.


Forest Therapy / Biophilia

In some Asian countries "forest medicine" is a recognized university discipline in medical colleges. This is not about exercise or staying in the fresh air, but about amazing immune reactions through terpenes, the re-integration of humans into the ecosystem as a healing experience, the efficiency of therapy in motion and experiencing the life energy ,

"Man is a part of nature." And "The whole is more than the sum of its parts." - These biologically proven statements are probably common to everyone. But to what extent do we really feel and act that way?


Better Aging & Vitality Cures

Vitalising Treatment — Energy Boost and Regeneration
► The energy boost is used against fatigue, weakness, hormonal imbalance, sexual enervation etc.
► The natural tonic after disease, stress depression etc..
The vitalising treatment is very effective and consists of five to ten naturopathic injections.
Tonic Treatment for the Immune System
► strengthening the immune system to decrease susceptibility to and frequency of infection.
► Regulating the immune system's response to allergies and auto immune dysfunction.
The treatment consists of five to ten naturopathic injections and is most effective.
Regenerative Skin Treatment
► While lifting and certain injection methods are only cosmetic aplications, our medical treatments are naturotahic stimulations for the regeneration and functioning of skin and connective tissue.

Stay Healthy — Prevention

Real prevention begins long before a so called “preventative medical examination” finds any issues.
My lectures, work shops and health coaching give valuable insight as well as advice to achieve natural and successful prevention.
The bio-energetic blood diagnosis can uncover many dangers and strains to one's health in the early stages of the issue, often well before conventional medicine can detect anything. It can also assist in  the development of a plan to ensure one stays healthy.
Naturopathic cures can prevent sickness and maintain one's health.