New Impetus in Your Life

Being coached is fun, it increases the lust for life and creates new forward-looking success. Open feedback and the activation of personal talents and potentials open additional perception channels - a powerful dynamic arises and energy flows into your life. Solution-driven thoughts, feelings and action become the basis of job-related success and holistic health.

Find clarity and orientation in all important areas of life: the co-action of wisdom, perception and valuation opens new doors, and support your start into the continuous realisation of your dreams and aims. With respect of your personal values you obtain new perspectives in life and create new possibilities for yourself and your entire area of life.


Personal Training

Identify and achieve your aims

You have a goal but don’t know how to get on the way to achieve it? You don’t know what you want and you are unsatisfied with your present situation?
Hire a trainer for coaching you towards your aims in life. I will help you, to explore your personal resources and discover your individual aims. Afterwards we will develop and go a practicable way:
Engage in the adventure of freedom and health in a self-determined life!

Health Coaching

Health as challenge and process

Health aims cannot be achieves only by medics and treatments. Health needs to be developed and maintained.
it is good to have a professional trainer on your side, who with respect to your personal values and wishes, designes and realises an individual concept with you.
Diagnostic and therapeutic  prospects of my naturopathic practice complete this offer and ensure a secure and high-quality supervision.

Mental Training

Mental Power, Stress Management

Boost your capabilities, self-consciousness and well-being by learning very effective techniques to understand and use your mental abilities.
Learn new strategies and ways to overcome stressful situations.
Develop your mental potentials and bring your sub-conscious power to perfection.
Face without fear and full of self-awareness your challenges in life.

Life Coaching

Overcoming crisis, changing patterns of behaviour

With the assistance of individual counselling and supervision you conquer any crisis and difficult situation.
The analysis of your path of life helps you to realise, why in certain situations you tend to react in the same negative way and how you can change this.
Take matters into your own hand, recognise wrong tradition and blocking liabilities, develop the power to live free and self-determined.

Life in Motion

A moving cosultation

Solvitur ambulando (It is solved by walking) is the motto of our program “Life in Motion”. Counselling while walking or travelling is a unique and very effective way to communicate during a walk, or a hiking tour, or a short travelling, with concentrated attention without pressure of time and in a beautiful stimulating landscape.
We disengage from limited structures of time and space. Uncaged from habitual surroundings we can talk about everything and  find new ways to move on.

“Know thyself”

Win clarity of thought and quality of life by learning to understand and value yourself.
Replace the inner chaos, which is responsible for the outer chaos, with a clear view and order.
- Individual and professional counselling and supervision
- Coaching for orientation and identification of your aims
- Assistance on your way to your personal life’s aim
- Development of concepts of life, also for couples and partnerships
- Success-oriented support in situations of re-orientation
- Training of long-term strengthening of consciousness of success
- Counselling for professionals, enterprises and organisation with a holistic concept (e.g. naturopathic practices)