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New Publication: Peace - Real Power Comes from Love, not Hate


In a world plagued by the persistent echoes of violence and conflict, this profound exploration into the philosophy of Peace and pacifism emerges as a timely source of hope and transformation. In this book, the author reflects on the disheartening reality that, despite the twenty-first century's advancements, humanity continues to cling to destructive patterns.

This book is a rallying cry for the resilience of the human spirit, advocating for a paradigm shift towards Peace, justice, and dialogue. It weaves together historical reflections, philosophical insights, and real-world examples to unravel the essence of pacifism – a belief that transcends the mere absence of war and envisions a world healed and intact.

Through a collection of essays, quotes, speeches, and more, the author not only acknowledges the complexities of our world but also recognizes the challenges inherent in the pursuit of Peace. It is also acknowledged that there can be no external Peace if there is a lack of inner Peace within the individual.

As you delve into these pages, you'll encounter the diverse tapestry of pacifist thought, from ancient philosophers to modern visionaries. The book serves as a manual for Peace, inviting introspection, dialogue, and action. It inspires a collective awakening to our potential as architects of Peace, urging us to dismantle structures perpetuating violence and fostering a shift in individual and collective consciousness.

This work isn't just a dream; it's an invitation to turn dreams into reality. In a world yearning for Healing and Peace, this book extends a hand, urging us to embark on a shared journey towards a future where Peace isn't just a distant dream, but a lived reality.

373 pages, ISBN 9-78375831747-7

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