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The mind sees a problem, but the consciousness sees a task

Far too often people leave their lives to the mind and thus to the ego. The ego, however, pursues its own goals, lives its own life and so, in this state, we do not live our own lives.

Only when your self, your consciousness, you yourself lead your life, does the true life begin from the "inner wisdom".
Difficulties, all suffering, all lack comes from the illusion of the ego.
Consciousness knows no problems, knows no suffering and no lack: it is.

There is also no "awakening"; for consciousness is always awake and present.
It is only a question of perception.
Make yourself aware for once:
Who thinks when I think?
Who acts when I act?
Who feels when I feel?
Who hears when I hear?
Who sees when I see?
Who speaks when I speak?
Who experiences what I experience?

Do you think it is your body and your mind?
Or do you perceive what is as yourself, as your consciousness?
With intuitive perception you experience what is and that you do always in the now.
With the disappearance of the ego of the mind, brooding and thinking disappear, making room for the reason of consciousness.
Judging and condemning disappear.
Enemy images and fears disappear.
In your life there are only situations, events, and you realise that all "problems" are in reality only tasks.
In order to go your way, you need a clear goal, because clear priorities, the path and the right steps result from a clear goal. And you will not find the clear goal anywhere else but in yourself. And if you feel the goal mentally beforehand, you can't miss it.
There are no hopeless situations.
There is always a way and a solution.
Never give up.
Sometimes you have to take a leap, because you can't cross an abyss with small steps.
Keep your attention constantly focused on your goal and on the success you have achieved until it becomes a reality.
Don't complain about the present, because the very next moment it is the past, and what value is there in complaining about the past?
Shape the present, because it causes the future.
Resistance only ever creates resistance.
Instead of complaining and suffering about what is undesirable, devote your thoughts to what is desired and longed for.
Reality arises inside, in consciousness, and appears outside. But what is not present inside cannot become reality outside.
Everything needs an inner spiritual correspondence as a form for the manifestation of reality on the outside.
We are living in a unique time with unprecedented changes on all levels of human existence: technical, social, political and economic. These are the birth pangs of a new age.
It is not so important what happens, but much more important how we deal with it, what we make of it, and this is decided anew by each individual at every moment. This is the great opportunity of our time, your personal opportunity for the better.

"Everything you pray and ask for - only believe that you have already received it, and it will be given to you." (Mark 11:24)
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