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Book of Nature


In the evening you say: It will be a beautiful day,

for the sky is red.

In the morning you say: It will rain,

for the sky is red and cloudy.

About the omens in the sky

you can judge.

Why not

the signs of this time?

You are looking for a sign in your godlessness.

A sign from heaven.

You will be given a sign:

A sign from hell.

The sign of the prophet Jonah.

And he left them and went his way.

(Matthew 16:1-4)

Heavenly Father, You creative Spirit, how wonderful,

that we may participate in Your power,

to preserve Your world.

Mother Earth, jewel and flesh, how wonderful,

that we are carried and nourished by You.

God, You Creator and Shaper of the world,

how wonderful that it is you who loves us
and bestows abundance to our life every day.

Just as we are your children,

you met us in a child

from whose mouth spoke instruction and salvation.

Lord, you Jesus Christ,

how good it is that we see in You

the face of our God.

We the children of the Heavenly Father and of Mother Earth

are the ones we worry about.

When I see the sky, the moon and the stars,

what is man that You, God, should remember him,

that You should take care of him?

You have given man dangerous gifts,

Thou hast enabled him to think infinite thoughts,

and to feel creator with Thee.

Now make him a protector of Your glorious world,

a guardian of all creatures and all life on earth.

Thou gavest man the instruction to till the earth,

and said: Blessed are the meek, for theirs is the earth.

Theirs is the kingdom who see God.

Let us recognise again that we are children of the Heavenly Father,

but also that we are children of Mother Earth, a part of her.

Not to rule, but to serve,
that is, what we desire,

not to destroy, but to preserve,

not to plunder, but to cultivate and tend the garden.

We want to live in community with the poor,

the plants and all creatures.

Good God, give us the word, the power, the creating,

the redemptive, for all living things that you have entrusted to us.

Creator, how gloriously You show Yourself above the heavens

and in all the earth.

Show yourself gloriously in us too.


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